Predictive Factors of Stress on Parents of Primary School Students During Covid-19 Pandemic in Oman


  • Farha Naaz Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities, Lincoln University College, Malaysia
  • Lubna Ali Mohammed Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities, Lincoln University College, Malaysia



The present study aimed to investigate the predictive factors of stress on parents of primary school students during the Covid-19 pandemic in Oman. A total of 384 parents of primary school children participated in this study. By using survey data technique and was analyzed by using quantitative research method. The results showed that there is a significant difference in the level of stress between employed and unemployed parents. In addition, the study found a significant difference in the stress level between parents with different educational levels. Based on the findings and analysis of the data obtained, COVID-19 has been determined to influence students’ learning negatively. It has created an unpleasant atmosphere for them in this area. It has been discovered that children and their parents are confronted with various problems and hurdles, in addition to a poor education level and parental stress as a result of a lack of resources at home. The study recommends that the government and educational institutions provide support to parents, especially those who are unemployed or have low levels of education.


COVID-19, Pandemic in Oman, Predictive Factors, Primary School Students, Stress


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