About the Journal


This International Journal will be a fully open access online ISSN journal. All articles published will be rigorously double blinded reviewed meeting the Journal Quality standards. Original research work, reviews, case study, survey, letters, innovative trends and idea will be published which contribute significant research and development activities. Emerging issues and critical advancements-oriented papers will be welcomed for the improvement in the field of Social Science, Humanities and Arts research.


Editorial objectives and coverage

The objective is to spread researches to mitigate or solve global problems around the world by addressing new age problems and solutions to espouse, besides articulating research on recent advancements in related areas.


Key research areas covered in the journal:

  1. Anthropology
  2. Archaeology
  3. Communication Studies
  4. Cross-Cultural Studies
  5. Demography
  6. Development Studies
  7. Education
  8. Educational Research
  9. English
  10. Literature
  11. Ethics
  12. Human
  13. Information Science
  14. International Relations
  15. Linguistics
  16. Literature
  17. Local Languages
  18. Media Studies
  19. Music
  20. Performing Arts ( i. e. Dance, Theatre, and Music)
  21. Philosophical Research
  22. Political Science
  23. Population Studies
  24. Psychology
  25. Publications and Advertising
  26. Social Welfare
  27. Sociology
  28. Visual Arts
  29. Women Studies