Aims and Scopes

International journal of Emerging Issues in Social Science, Arts, and Humanities (IJEISSAH) is a scientific journal seeks to be a knowledgeable, scientific and an academic gateway, in an effort to disseminate science and knowledge and the sharing of ideas among scientists around the world in the field of social science. IJEISSAH publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and empirical research in the fields of: 

1. Anthropology
2. Archaeology
3. Communication Studies
4. Cultural and Ethnic Studies
5. Economics
6. Education
7. English Studies
8. Geography
9. History
11.Information Science
12.International Relations
17.Media Studies
18.Performing Arts ( i. e. Dance, Theatre, and Music)
20.Political Science
22.Sociology & Social Work
23.Visual Arts
24.Women and Gender Studies

Note : The turnover time for the review process is 2-8 weeks and the minimum turnover time for publication process is 2-24 weeks.