Innovative Crash Course of Anatomy: Implementation of Clinical Anatomy Teaching for the Students of Medicine




Aim of the Study: The aim of the study is to teach clinical anatomy and assess the clinical students of medicine both in anatomy and in clinical subjects simultaneously [MBBS or MD or BDS programmes]. Place of Study: This anatomy can be taught in the department of anatomy and related cases in clinical subjects can be taught in the wards of teaching hospitals in medical colleges or university colleges. Period of Study: As and when students are posted in clinical, anatomy can be taught through regional or systemic anatomy - a continuous teaching during paraclinical and clinical postings. Impact of Teaching: Study of anatomy by this method will benefit the students not only in studying clinical cases but also in having sound knowledge of anatomy useful for their clinical practice.


Regional Anatomy, Clinical Medicine, Plastinated Specimen’s Table Teaching, Clinical Practice, Correct Diagnosis, Bed Side Clinics


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