Effect of Forced Downsizing Strategies on Employees’ Job Satisfaction


  • Mansour Alshrif Al-Hammali Faculty of Leadership and Management, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, USIM, 71800, Nilai-Malaysia
  • Nasser Habtoor University of Jeddah & University of Aden Jeddah - Saudi Arabic
  • Wee Huat Heng Faculty of Business and Accountancy, Lincoln University College, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D. E., Malaysia


Survivors from downsizing maybe they will lose their interest in jobs after undertaken the process of downsizing in which this can affect job satisfaction within organizations. Through the Libyan education sector, the current study investigates the impact of forced downsizing techniques on job satisfaction. The research sample was drawn from few divisions from the ministry of education located in different parts in Tripoli, Libya. A total of 258 completed surveys were gathered, producing a 73.7 percent response rate. The results show that downsizing has a detrimental impact on survivors' work satisfaction and morale. Based on the conclusion made, policymakers in Libyan education sector must support survivors more dynamically with respect to their upcoming prospects since downsizing was found to have an influence on their job satisfaction.


Forced Downsizing Strategies, Employees’ Job Satisfaction


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Mansour Alshrif Al-Hammali, Nasser Habtoor, & Wee Huat Heng. (2021). Effect of Forced Downsizing Strategies on Employees’ Job Satisfaction. International Journal of Management and Human Science (IJMHS), 5(3), 83-92. Retrieved from https://ejournal.lucp.net/index.php/ijmhs/article/view/1536