Advanced Emergency Traumatology Care: A New Trauma Ecosystem


  • Gurjeet Singh a/l Harvendhar Singh Emergency Trauma Care (MOH Malaysia), Hospital Selayang, Malaysia 68100 Rawang Selangor, Malaysia



The emergency department structure and treatment services deal with critical, semi-critical, and urgent care cases. Among these cases are medical and surgical cases. The surgical cases can be divided into trauma and non-trauma-based cases. Trauma cases, therefore, are a sub-specialized field and services provided within the emergency department deal with patients presenting with acute bodily harm. A proper system of traumatology must be in place to recognise patients presenting with major trauma, relay accurate and timely information provide a pre hospital care alert to the emergency staff, conduct a proper Passover of cases to handle information precisely, activate the trauma team and trauma physicians in two tiers so that emergency trauma care does its job before intervention by primary teams of different disciplines unique to the case, investigate the patient with trauma panels and quick trauma protocols, and final disposition of the patient to the operation theatre, wards or discharge after observation and adequate pain control.


 Emergency Medicine, Trauma Services, Traumatology, Trauma Physician


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