• Indrajit Ghosal Seacom Skills University, Bolpur, West Bengal, India


The continuous improvement of online business and increasing rate of internet access and the use of smartphones in emerging markets have been the main handler for e-commerce industry. Online shopping is a process of purchasing and selling products and services through Internet. It is basically a Web Rooming where consumers can purchase the products with just a click of mouse, using internet. It is a growing technology and it is changing the Business Model and Business Strategy for online marketer.

In the present study, an attempt has been made for association checking among the demographic profiles of Amazon users, analyzing their perceptions, identifying the factors which influence Amazon buyer to buy the products frequently and recognize what are the exact factors that influence highly to buy the products.

For this study, the researcher had taken few psychological factors through Rotated Component Matrix, which is the use of Factor Analysis to examine the impact of buying attitude towards online industry: Amazon. Again, Factor analysis is used to find out the high and low influencing factors that help the new marketer or entrepreneur to make a new decision strategy for market penetration.

For this study, the researcher had collected 100 samples and given a positive conclusion from the consumer view, preferences about demographic factors from the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata, India. The result will help the online marketers to design their marketing strategies, innovative ideas, preference-factors regarding Amazon India and provide significant input to Decision Support System.


Demographic Study, Customer Preferences, Start-Up Business, Buying Behavior, DSS


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