Guide to Authors

Guidelines for Contributing Articles to The Malaysian Journal of Nursing (MJN)

 The MJN is the journal reflecting views, reports, matters of interest, and updates within the various specialties in Professional Nursing – including Clinical Nursing (which itself has various sub specialties e.g., Psychiatric Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Oncologic Nursing, etc.), Education (all aspectsrelevant to nursing), Management, Community Health and Research, among others. This journal welcomes ORIGINALLY WRITTEN ARTICLES by contributors, CASESTUDIES, LITERATURE REVIEWS, ANY COMMENTARY RELEVANT TO PROFESSIONAL NURSING, and RESEARCHES/ EVIDENCES that directly affect the professional practice in nursing-be it clinical or otherwise.

 There is no article submission charges. But after selection of the article for publication the author has to pay article processing charges.

Journal Publication Charges:
There is no Publication fee for the subscribers
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The publication charges will be waived if any of the author of the article subscribe for the journal. The subscriber is entitled to get 4 hard copies of the journal per year. Subscription rates 50 USD/year (plus postal charges as applicable)

Your subscription includes:
1. Cross References DOI
2. Lifetime Access to the published online articles
3. Free plagiarism checking and editing

Publication Fee for Non Subscribers:

Journal Publication Charges: USD 75 *

The charges include:
. Plagiarism checking, editing, and draft preparation along with Cross Ref DOI charges.
. The article will be given free open access.
. Inclusion of the paper in printed form of hard copy journal.

Author can buy their copy at the rate USD25 including postal charges.

*Publication fees waiver is available for authors of developing countries upon request.

Submitting Articles and Research Papers

  1. Articles should contain approximately 1000 to 4000 words. Shorter or longer submissions may be submitted upon approval from the editor.
  2. Articles must be submitted online or as an email attachment to:
  3. Articles (including the references) should have the following specifications:
    1. Text document must be in Microsoft Word compatible format.
    2. Body text must be double-spaced, in font size 12pt and Times New Roman; Paragraphs are right justified and make sure that all pages are clearly numbered.
    3. Title must be font size 16pt, in bold and Times New Roman.
    4. Subheading must be font size 14pt, in bold and Times New Roman.
  1. Plagarism- All articles will be checked for plagarism. If plagarism is found the article will be rejected.
  2. Segment the Articles in the following parts:
  1. Title Page :
    1. Title of article.
    2. The full names of the authors.
    3. Job title/Occupation, employer, location and affiliation of each author.
    4. Name and address of the author responsible for correspondence (Include address, telephone number and email address).
  2. Abstract:Provide a 200 to 250-word glimpse about the article’s framework/outline, which will include major findings if it is a research article.
  3. Tables, Illustrations, Figures and Photographs : Graphics such as tables, illustrations, figures and photographs that are in low resolution must be embedded in the article you are submitting (in MS word). High resolution version of the graphics must be e-mailed to us as additional attachment.
  4. References: Use the Harvard Referencing Guide.
  5. Consent: If you are publishing photographs of patients, kindly secure their consent. E-mail us a copy of the agreement along with your article or research papers.
  6. Copyright waiver: Along with the article, the copyright waiver statement duly signed by author and co-author(s) must be submitted.
    All articles published in The Malaysian Journal of Nursing will have copyrights under MJN.                                                      Copyright Waiver Form
  7. Originality and Plagiarism: The authors should ensure that they have written entirely original works, and if the authors have used the work and/or words of others, that must be appropriately cited or quoted. All articles will be checked for plagiarism. If plagiarism is found high the article will be rejected.

Submitting Letters and Comments

This is open access journal, you may use the guidelines in submitting articles and research papers. Address your viewpoints, and comments to the Editor of MJN in the contacts provided herein.