Aims and Scopes

The Malaysian Journal of Nursing (MJN) aims to elucidate the understanding of nursing profession and improve patient safety by developing and circulating basic concepts of nursing practice by representing them within nursing diagnoses and standardized nursing languages, and promoting their clinical use. It also aspires to support education regarding the estimation, clinical reasoning and diagnosis, and to guarantee worldwide uniformity. MJN forms a necessary resource for providing knowledge regarding healthcare professionals useful to extend nursing information, clinical applications, high quality nursing research, scholarship of contemporary relevance, informatics and health policy. 

The journal accepts papers which bestow significantly to international nursing knowledge including, original research, review articles, historical perspectives, clinical cases and policy initiatives. MJN’s readership includes practising nurses and midwives; nurse educators and nursing students; and researchers in other disciplines with interest in this universal topic and inter-disciplinary collaboration. Thus the MJN scope of interest is for the expansion and exchange of knowledge that is directly relevant to all spheres of nursing and midwifery practice, thus helping to develop new trends and advances. 

Note : The turnover time for the review process is 2-8 weeks and the minimum turnover time for publication process is 2-15 weeks.