• Manggar Purwacaraka Students of Nursing Master Program, University of Brawijaya,Indonesia
  • Ahsan Ahsan Lecturer of Nursing Master program, University of Brawijaya, Indonesia
  • Tina Handayani Nasution Lecturer of Nursing Master program, University of Brawijaya, Indonesia



Background: The number of patients continues to increase each year in Emergency Department (ED), especially in Priority 2 / Yellow Zone. The ED cannot predict patient’s condition and when the patient comes for admission the time is various. The ED overcrowding is correlated with discharge time, whereas discharge time is correlated with bed availability in inpatient unit. The inpatient unit in hospital has several classes where the low-class of room tends to have more bed than the high-class of room that can be correlated to the length of stay (LOS). Purpose: The aim of this study was to analyze the admission time, discharge time and patient discharge type with LOS in Yellow Zone of ED. Method: The study consisted of 133 respondents. This was an analytical observational study  with cross sectional design. Admission time, discharge time and patient discharge type was analyzed using Eta test. Results: The bivariate results identified the correlation between independent variables with the LOS of patient in Yellow Zone of ED. In Eta test, could be categorized to have a significant correlation if F count was more than F table. Conclusion: There was a significant correlation between the admission time, discharge time and patients discharge type with LOS of patients in the Yellow Zone of ED.


Emergency Departments, Length of Stay, Admission Time, Discharge Time, Patients Discharge Type


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