Covid-19 Health Education and Promotion Strategies for Children: An Integrative Review


  • Ryan T. Roldan Occupational Health Services, Saudi Electricity Company, 23211, Jeddah, KSA ; Our Lady of Fatima University, 120 McArthur Highway, 1440 Valenzuela City, Philippines
  • Michael Joseph S. Diño Research, Development, and Innovation Center, Our Lady of Fatima University, 120 McArthur Highway, 1440 Valenzuela City, Philippines ; Johns Hopkins University, 3400 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, USA
  • Dominic B. Hermano Our Lady of Fatima University, 120 McArthur Highway, 1440 Valenzuela City, Philippines ; Department of Education, School Governance and Operations Division, 1421 Caloocan City, Philippines



Children during the COVID-19 pandemic are considered a vulnerable age group and a primary focus of health education and promotion. Various platforms and approaches were noted in research and non-research studies; however, their applications to children are uncommon. This study explored the COVID-19 health education and promotion (HEP) strategies designed appropriately for children through an integrative review. A total of sixty-nine (69) articles were identified from PubMed and ScienceDirect are imported to Covidence for screening. Twelve (12) articles were identified that met the criteria for inclusion. Of the 12 articles, five are research articles and seven are non-research articles (theoretical). Six (6) of the articles come from the region of the Americas (AMR), three from the European Region (EUR), and three from the West Pacific Region (WPR). The study shows that social media and website-based information and learning are the most used platforms for disseminating information related to COVID-19, and several approaches to health education and promotion were identified. This integrative review provides valuable insight into the various HEP strategies for Children, which can be redesigned and customized to strengthen the existing COVID-19-related health initiatives and campaigns specifically for children. Moreover, this study can be utilized to develop a direction for future research on epidemic-related health education and promotion for children.


Child, COVID-19, Health Education, Health Promotion


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