Feasibility of Offering MS Nursing Program at Visayas State University


  • France Allan Cavite College of Nursing, Visayas State University, ViSCA, City of Baybay, 6521 Leyte, Philippines https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2970-678X
  • Phoebe Lynn Calungsod College of Nursing, Visayas State University, ViSCA, City of Baybay, 6521 Leyte, Philippines
  • Janet Alexis De los Santos College of Nursing, Visayas State University, ViSCA, City of Baybay, 6521 Leyte, Philippines https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0291-0801




Background: All academic institutions strive to provide competent programs and produce highly qualified graduates who can eventually compete in the local and international arenas. A feasibility study examines the viability of a project to check its success rate and make sure that the program meets the needs of its stakeholders.

Objective: The objective of the study is to assess the practicality of offering a master’s degree program for nurses in the region and to evaluate the potential of the proposed program to respond to the needs of those pursuing graduate studies.

Methods: A quantitative research design that was supplemented by qualitative responses was employed. The data was gathered using a convenience sampling technique, and the primary focus was on registered nurses in the healthcare industry. Descriptive statistics were utilised in the data processing and analysis of the results.

Results: The intention to open a graduate program is relevant to the needs of working professionals. The results revealed that VSU meets the demand for nurses across regions, and this will potentially help nurse researchers develop, carry out, and support educational initiatives for graduate schools.

Conclusion: The study shows that a significant number of nurses are interested in enrolling in a graduate program and they express their determination to achieve this goal, which shows that VSU meets the need.


Feasibility, Graduate School, Master of Science in Nursing, Nursing, Preference


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