Effectiveness of Range of Motion (ROM) and Deep Breathing Exercise (DBE) in Increasing Muscle Strength in Post-Stroke Patients at Pariaman Hospital in 2018


  • Netti Netti 1Department of Nursing, Health Polytechnic Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia Padang, Sumatera Barat 25146, Indonesia
  • Yosi Suryarinilsih Politeknik Kesehatan Kementrian Kesehatan Padang, Sumatera Barat 25146, Indonesia




Cerebrovascular injury (CVA) is an abnormal functioning of the central nervous system (CNS) caused by disruption of normal blood flow to the brain. Stroke is divided into two, namely ischemic (85%) and bleeding (15%), the top 3 causes of death in recent years. Stroke has an impact on the socio-economy due to the disability it causes. In 2015, the medical records of Pariaman Hospital, the number of stroke patients treated in the neurological ward was 103 people, in 2016 it increased by 117 people, in 2017 it increased very significantly, as many as 215 people. The purpose of this study is how the effect of Range of Motion and deep breathing exercise (DBE) in increasing muscle strength of post-stroke patients who are treated at Pariaman Hospital.

The research design was a quasi-experimental design with a one-group before and intervention design. The population of this study were post-stroke patients who were treated at RSUD Pariaman. Sampling was purposive sampling, amounting to 40 respondents. The data were processed and analyzed univariate and bivariate.

The results showed that there was a difference in the mean value of muscle strength before the therapy was 2.75 with a standard deviation of 0.439 and after the therapy was 3.50 with a standard deviation of 0.506. The results of statistical tests show that the value of p = 0.000 means that there is a significant difference between the mean value of muscle strength in patients before the procedure and after ROM and DBE therapy.


Stroke, ROM, DBE


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