• Abdullelah Al Thobaity Emergency Nursing, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Taif University, Saudi Arabia
  • Modi Owied Al Moteri Medical Surgical Nursing, Nursing department, College of Applied Medical Sciences,Taif University, Saudi Arabia


The year-long clinical internship is important for undergraduate nursing students who are completing their four years of university study. It gives them an opportunity to work and practice the tasks assigned to them by different units and departments. To ensure that nursing students have a positive working environment, it is essential to examine the impact of support from both university faculty and hospital staff on nursing intern satisfaction. To assess this, cross-sectional surveys were distributed to nursing interns after they completed their internships. Researchers collected descriptive data and looked for correlations, later creating a model designed to measure direct or indirect impacts of faculty and hospital support on nursing intern satisfaction. This analysis, along with a regression model with goodness-of-fit test, was calculated using SPSS version 24 and AMOS version 24. In total, 138 students responded to the questionnaire. The majority of the participants were female, with 88 participants (63.8%), while only 50 males (36.2%) participated. Analysis showed a strong correlation between hospital support for nursing interns and interns’ perception of a positive working environment, as well as a good correlation between positive working environment and overall nursing intern satisfaction.  On the other hand, weak correlations show that university faculty had little perceived impact on whether or not nursing interns felt they worked in a positive environment. The study also confirmed that the hospital setting has impact significant on clinical positive environment. Knowing about what satisfies nursing interns helps nursing educators to devise internship programs that will improve the process for future cohorts.


Nursing Intern, Satisfaction, Working Environment, University Faculty


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