• Salwa Hagag Abdelaziz Medical Surgical Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University, Egypt




The aim of the current study was to assess patients’ knowledge and practice of oral care in leukemic patients receiving chemotherapy. Also determine whether sociodemographic characteristics are associated with patients’ knowledge and practice of oral care.  A descriptive cross-sectional design was used. A convenience sample of 150 patients attending National Cancer Institute in Cairo was recruited according to inclusion criteria. Data was collected using demographic sheet, structured questionnaires related to patients knowledge and practice of oral care. The mean age of the study sample was (40.67± 11.76). The majority of patients (81.30%) did not use medicated mouth wash for oral care during receiving chemotherapy and (63.33%) had no idea about correct technique of teeth brushing. Lower percentage (36.00%) of the patients having  knowledge about oral problems while (89.30%) did not have knowledge about suitable time for dental checkup. Thus, it was concluded that most of the patients had inadequate knowledge and practice of oral care. There was association between age, level of education and occupation in relation to practice of oral care. Patients’ occupation associated with their knowledge of oral care. There was no association between place of residence and family income in relation to knowledge and practice of oral care.Establishing communication between multidisciplinary team including dentists, nurses and oncologists to enhance patients’ knowledge and practice of oral care. Continuous monitoring of practicing oral care among patients is recommended during the process of chemotherapy administration. It is recommended to replicate the study in different setting.


Oral care, Leukemia, Chemotherapy


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