• Bernadetta Eka Noviati School of Health Sciences of Panti Rapih,Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Birgitta Dyah Yuliati School of Health Sciences of Panti Rapih,Yogyakarta, Indonesia




Background: lean hospital is a very rational hospital management practice to be run to be able to provide effective and efficient services for patients. Nurses have a major role to be able to apply the lean hospital. Purpose: explore the things that can be done by nurses to implement lean hospial. Method: qualitative research with data collection techniques of deep interview and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on five informant who is a nurse manager at a private hospital in Indonesia. Five Informants (I) were selected by purposive sampling. Results: found three themes that nurses can do to be able to apply lean hospitals in the nursing field, namely: 1) managerial work processes; 2) fulfillment of nursing work facilities and infrastructure; and 3) to work effectively and efficiently. Conclusion: lean hospitals can be implemented by nurses to be able to make nursing services in hospitals more effective and efficient by reducing managerial arrangements, and reducing patient waiting time for services.


Lean hospital, Nurses, Implementation


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