A Review of the Publication Trend of Data Analytics


  • Robin Au University of Chester, United Kingdom
  • Kelvin Leong University of Chester, United Kingdom
  • Anna Sung University of Chester, United Kingdom
  • Ching Lee The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


Data Analytics has been considered as a promising topic. This paper aims to review the trends of Data Analytics in terms of related publications. More specifically, in this study we analysed 18-years real-world data obtained from Web of Science database for the purpose. These data include the first relevant publication found in the database. In total, 18610 relevant publications have been identified during 2004 to 2021. According to the findings from analysing the identified publications, we suggest that Data Analytics is a glowing global topic involving affiliations and funding sponsors from different countries. On top of the industrial voice saying Data Analytics is an emerging topic, the findings from this paper can provide an additional reference for the education sector, government, and academia, to conduct, promote and support the Data Analytics related research. We believe this is the first time that a study has been conducted to comprehensively review the development trends of Data Analytics. Hopefully, this study can shed some light on related research.


Data Analytics, Publication Trend, Big Data


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