International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research (IJAMR) is a multidisciplinary, quarterly, intellectual, reputed journal published by Lincoln University College, Asia Pacific Higher Learning Sdn Bhd. This journal focuses on General Sciences and Engineering.
International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research (IJAMR) aims to publishing peer-reviewed research papers provided broad coverage on expert reviews, Analysis, Validation and results in the recent developments which caters to current industrial revolution, design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment real time problems evolving in rapidly expanding fields. Also it provides a platform for research scholars, industrial partners, academicians to address the recent technological advancements, theoretical and practical solutions to the societal and industrial problems, broadly defined ideas to the scientific community in the field of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering.
IJAMR Journal covers all aspects of Sciences and Engineering. It has 46 Sections:
✓ Construction Engineering
✓ Earthquake Engineering
✓ Environmental Engineering
✓ Structural Engineering
✓ Surveying and Construction Engineering
✓ Transportation Engineering
✓ Municipal or Urban Engineering
✓ Water Resources Engineering
✓ Geotechnical Engineering
✓ Material and Science Engineering
✓ Aerodynamics and Aero elasticity
✓ Fluid dynamics and Flight dynamics
✓ Aircraft structures
✓ Aircraft propulsion and combustion
✓ Avionics and flight control
✓ Material engineering, composites and manufacturing
✓ Aviation security
✓ Aviation human factors
✓ Aviation Predictive maintenance
✓ Artificial intelligence on aviation
✓ Internet of things on aviation
✓ Flight simulation
✓ Unmanned air vehicle and Trajectory vehicles
✓ Aviation Data analysis and Maintainability predictions
✓ Manufacturing
✓ Materials
✓ Metallurgy
✓ Product Design
✓ Thermo-fluids
✓ Mechanics and Dynamics
✓ Automotive
✓ Mechatronics
✓ Mining
✓ Marine
✓ Nuclear
✓ Renewable Energy for sustainable development
✓ Circuits and Systems
✓ Electronics and communications
✓ Power Systems
✓ Control and Instrumentation
✓ Signal Processing Architectures and Image Processing
✓ Wireless networks and its applications
✓ Telecommunications and wireless system
✓ Algorithms and applications
✓ VLSI and embedded systems
✓ Automation and robotics



Published by
Asia Pacific Higher Learning Sdn Bhd., Lincoln University College, Malaysia