• Jon Luzmar Del Castillo Empenado Cebu Normal University, Philippines
  • Julius C. Daño Cebu Normal University, Philippines


Nursing has always been considered a discipline with substantial flexibility. With the emerging of millennial nurse leaders’ in many hospitals, there has been a lot of challenges experienced by the hospital administrators particularly in the management and leadership roles.  However, majority of the hospitals are still run by senior nurses who do not belong to the millennial age. These created a distinction as to who manage and lead the hospitals effectively and efficiently. This paper explores the stories of nurses on the qualities and practices of the millennial nurse managers employed in the hospitals in Metro Cebu, Philippines. This qualitative case study explores multiple cases through detailed, in-depth data collection involving multiple sources of information using interviews with the staff nurses lead by millennial nurse managers as key informants of the study. The stories of these nurses revealed the following themes emerge consequently extracted out from their stories specifically; (1) a combative leader, (2) A broad-minded leader, (3)  a tech-savvy leader, (4) an ingenious leader, (5) a kind hearted leader, (6) a stringent leader, (7) an industrious leader, (8) a subdued leader, (9) an Indulgent leader, (10) a go-getting leader, (11) a discreet leader, and (12) an efficient leader. The twelve leadership qualities are important to those staff nurses because it will give them an understanding of the behaviour of the qualities and practices of a millennial nurse manager, thus resulting to a better communication and collaboration in the workplace and sustain high quality management and leadership roles by the millennial nurse managers. Moreover it continually promotes quality care to patients and improve the nurse leader and subordinate relationships. The results are essential for professional leadership and management development to those who aspire to become leaders because it will help them be guided in the quest for effective management.


Leadership qualities, Leadership practices, Qualitative case study, Purposive sampling, Semi-structured interviews


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