Impact of Social Media on Consumer Buying Behavior of Apparels with Special Reference to Satna (Madhya Pradesh)


  • Shweta Singh AKS University, Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Shinu Shukla AKS University, Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India



Marketers have begun to sell their products using social media platforms as a consequence of the quick advances created by worldwide advertising routes, with Facebook being the most preferred medium of communication among all. The study's goal was to look at the impact of Facebook marketing on consumer clothes purchase intentions utilizing evidence from young individuals. The research primarily focused on determining Facebook's dominance as a social media communication platform and its influence on advertising. The majority of the companies want to expand their reach; however, Facebook users want a clean experience on the platform rather than pop-ups, web banners, and ads. Facebook marketing has been found to have both beneficial and bad effects on businesses and individuals. As a result, the focus was on determining the influence of Facebook marketing on customer purchasing intentions. Companies may assess the success of their advertising and make necessary improvements. To meet the aims of the study, a comprehensive survey was conducted, and the data were analysed using component factor analysis, regression analysis, and correlation coefficient. According to the findings of the analysis, the researchers were successful in achieving the stated goals of the study. In conclusion, it was discovered that, with the exception of E-WOM, there was a substantial link between independent and dependent variables. The most crucial elements in Facebook marketing are likes and shares. According to the findings, E-WOM was not a significant variable; however, researchers recommend focusing on E-WOM in order to convert this variable into a positive way to achieve better results; just as the previous studies have shown that E-WOM can have a significant impact on consumer purchase intent.




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